10 Tips for Dating in Your 20’s


  Dating is like riding the tilt-o-wheel at a local carnival -- nauseating, rickety, and about half way through you’d pay anyone $20 to let you off. For most of my 20’s, this pretty much summed up my feelings towards dating. It looked like a good idea from afar, but the moment I was [...]


The Moment Life Changes

Picture of Life Changing

  Let it be noted that my life has forever changed. Again. The contractions started at four minutes apart and quickly moved to three as I became sure that I was going to be delivering our second baby on the floor of a Kia. Driving 90 mph and running through lights, needless to say I [...]


The Four Will Become One

Picture of a bride and groom

  Why is the search for The One so hard? Is it because God gets his kicks by sending us on impossible scavenger hunts? Like a junior high youth group leader who’d rather hang out with his girlfriend? Or is it because The One is a magical fairytale creation? Like the unicorn. [...]