Your dream will be even bigger than you think

What if I told you that your big dreams are going to happen, but WAY bigger than you ever could’ve dreamed?

What if you’re going to inspire people who you’ve never met and don’t even speak their language?

This week I saw this play out first hand when people in Iran started posting pictures on Instagram of 101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties in Farsi! Check it out!

If I told you five years ago I was going to have a book in Farsi, you would’ve told me to seek counseling.

A few months before that it was seeing pictures of 101 Secrets For Your Twenties in Russian on Instagram!

This is Crazy…

For years I couldn’t get any publisher to publish one of my books in English.

Now they’re reaching people who speak different languages, live in different cultures, yet are resonating with words I wrote.


101 Questions in Farsi! Whaaatt??? This is WAY beyond me.

This extends far beyond my talent. I’m not strategic or smart enough to make any of this happen.

God can do a lot with a little bit of faithfulness.

Fighting Anxiety Attacks

When I was about to release  101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties and Thirties, I felt like I was cuddling up to anxiety attacks like I was spooning a lion at the zoo come feeding time.

Paul, this is book is going to fail. 

Paul, start looking for jobs because this whole writing career is going up in flames. 

Paul, this is going to be embarrassing. 

Anxiety was sinking its claws into me.

So when 101 Questions officially came out, I drove up to the mountains, sat on a rock and prayed. To try and escape it all.

Then I looked up across the horizon, and I saw a vision of thousands of dandelion seeds spreading out across the sky. And I felt a voice that said “Paul I’m taking your words to far away places you don’t even understand.”

Now I’m getting messages from twentysomethings in Iran who tell me they were in a dark place in life and my book has reached them at a perfect time.

You Never Know..

Friends, this is ABSOLUTELY WILD!

If this goofy guy who felt alone and a failure most his twenties can do it, imagine what you can do!

If your dream feels impossible, you can’t give up now.

Your path will twist and turn to the exact place you need to go.

Keep walking.

Keep the hope.

Keep seeking help when you feel helpless.

The process will all look very different than you imagined, and that’s a good thing! Because the outcome is going to be so much more beautiful than you ever could’ve dreamed.

God doesn’t need a lot of talent. He needs just a little bit of faithfulness.


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