Freaking Friday’s Best: Connect-Four and Wild-White-Stallions of Freedom

Posted on July 22nd, 2011


Come one, come all, it’s Friday again, so let us circle around Paul.

There Once Was A… magical website called All Groan Up, which people said was “Punderful” and while All Groan Up didn’t understand what that meant, All Groan Up agreed.

July was hot. And so was All Groan Up with it’s sizzling posts:

The Danger of “If Only…”

Paul Angone in a Tree - Why Not?

Why I Did NOT Kiss Dating Goodbye – Guest Post Michelle Acker

Picture of Michelle Acker

Interview with Joy Eggerichs of Love and Respect NOW

Picture of Joy Eggerich on All Groan Up

And then All Groan Up rode into the weekend on it’s wild-white-stallion of freedom, barbecues and sleeping in.

The End.

Comment of the Week – 62 Reasons You’re All Groan Up

On 62 Reasons You’re All Groan Up, Meri of MeriGoesRound wrote:

Haha- these are hilarious! My favorite so far is “you’re losing hair and gaining babies”
My own to add is when you find yourself starting a lot of your sentences with “Maybe I’m an old lady, but…” and you’re only 26.

Video of the Week: Go 4 It, Connect Four

Don’t you love it that the commercials you loathed the most growing up — those commercials that kept you from more Talespin or Darkwing Duck, are now some of our favorite memories? Thank you to Julia for sharing this video with me on Facebook.

So this weekend let us all Go 4 It. Let us all Connect Four.


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