There’s got to be more than this?!

Me half-dead on my cubicle floor

I remember staring at my cubicle walls.

At all the constant work emails about nothing.

At the dis-impassioned lives of many around me simply going through the motions.

The highlight of my cubicle being when I leaned as far right as I could in my chair, so I could get a glimpse out the window at the one flower growing through cement slab.

Kind of sounds like prison, doesn’t it?!

I’d stare at my computer and daydream about sending a company wide email that read one thing.

And one thing only.


My purpose to help others live on purpose with purpose, was burned inside me within those cubicle walls.

And on that cubicle floor! (See real cubicle pic below)

Me half-dead on my cubicle floor

This is also when I learned that the Freshman-Fifteen is nothing compared to the Cubicle-Cincuenta

No matter what anyone else tells you — there is more to your life than doing work you dislike. 

To going through the motions. To feeling stuck.

More to life than dreading Monday.

If we wish the majority of our life would quickly pass at work, aren’t we simply wishing that a majority of our life would quickly pass? (click here to tweet that)

Doesn’t this seem wrong?

Whether you find yourself reading this from your cubicle or not, I want you to live a significant life.

Escape the Dread of Monday

I’m not trying to exaggerate or needlessly dramatize.

I just know the stakes at play here. As I wrote yesterday, I know what this frustration can do to you if you don’t do something about it.

This is Your Future We’re Talking About

This is much bigger than me wanting you to snag my new book or just another blog article you’re reading.

This is your life. And the world needs the life you bring. The world needs your unique flavor.

As I write in 101 Questions You Need To Ask in Your Twenties,

There’s no lack of “Help Wanted” signs.

We can’t join the ranks of half.dead.adults who gave up on their hopes and dreams years ago.

Join us in the charge against living a freaking ho-hum life.

What if you knew what you wanted in life? I mean, really knew.

To the point where it didn’t matter what the critics, cynics, or “reality checkers” were shouting in your ear?

Let others do whatever with their life. Do something significant with yours.

If you’re asking right now, there’s got to be more than this?

Well, there is.

Consider this a sign.

Today is the last day to snag my new book 101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties (and Thirties) and also receive my full Finding Your Signature Sauce online course, that typically costs $149, for FREE.

Then as well, you will be entered to win one of seven $25 Starbucks cards and an Amazon Fire HD. 

This book and course will help you get unstuck and live on purpose. 

Grab here 101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties: (and Let’s Be Honest Your Thirties Too) 

Then forward me on the purchase confirmation at [email protected] by the end of the day today. 

I’ll personally email you back with the all the goods. Thanks! Let’s join in this together! – Paul Angone


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