The First Contraction: The Narrow Passage into Parenthood

Picture of a Soon to be Mom


WHAT IS MORE ADULT than having your own kid? Picture of a Soon to be Mom

What is more exhilarating, terrifying, anxieting

From the first moment you see THAT stick (then pee on four more to make sure) or open a card to read Pooh Bear say, Piglet and I are soooo excited that you’re gonna be a Dad – the countdown begins.

And not your New Years Eve with Dick Clark kind of countdown.

No it’s nine months of thinking, worrying, wondering whose nose she’ll have, learning new ways to breathe when you thought you had breathing pretty well covered, and buying a room full of tiny things you have no idea how to use but are VERY confident you need. All to prepare for that moment that is unpreparable.

The Cusp of a New Parent

When that moment came for my wife and I five weeks ago, I grabbed two things – my camera and chips and salsa. (You’ll have to watch the video to understand).

This is NOT a birthing video (I wouldn’t do that to you) . No this a video that every new parent, hopeful parent, and person with eyes needs to watch – about THAT moment that forever changes everything.

For your viewing pleasure here is the most personal, exciting, entertaining, scary and honest video I have ever done, with an ending you might not expect…

After watching The First Contraction, watch what happens next in the Last Contraction.


  1. Lesley

    Well, for crying out loud…when are you posting the second one?!?

    • admin

      Lesley, great question! Sunday afternoon-ish stay tuned for Part Two!

  2. Jay

    Wow – you have QUITE a wife to let you film her in the midst of all that!

    • admin

      Yes Jay the Amazing-ness of my wife only seems to be confirmed more and more every day. Just when I think she’s peaked, she finds a new mountain to climb. Marrying well is #1 on the “Choose Wisely” list, if you ask me…and thankfully I somehow crossed that off the list.

  3. Vanessa

    What a beautiful labor video Paul! My husband and I have two very special videos similar to yours and Naomi’s. Seeing and hearing stories like this always makes me ask the question, how can one deny the existence of God after having been through the miracle of pregnancy and birth?
    Looking forward to part 2!

    • admin

      When I read “labor video” I had immediate flashbacks to Lamaze class and those kind of labor videos…so glad this is not one of those…

      Thanks Vanessa. Yes going through this amazing process changes perspectives and shatters previous definitions for sure…

    • admin

      Stephanie, video two is coming Sunday afternoon I promise.

  4. Diana

    Oh goodness, how can you leave us in suspense??? This is increasing my incredible fear of giving birth.

    • admin

      Diana….yeah I can’t really speak with 100% authority here, but giving birth…yeah…it’s…yeah…umm…

  5. Lindsay

    We made it! We were the “people” over!

    And, yes, you’re wife is amazing for letting you film her!

    • admin

      Lindsay sorry i called you and Josh “the people” and not “our two amazing friends who light up our life.” I wasn’t thinking straight…probably because I was still wrapping my mind around my wife not wanting to interrupt conversation to tell us she’s in labor 🙂

  6. Ashley Andrews

    Hi Paul! oh i loved this video and I can’t wait for #2! Joey and I are only about 6 weeks away from that moment too and we can’t WAIT! love your website, have a great weekend!

  7. Ginger Angone

    From someone that was 100’s of miles away, who wanted to be there, but couldn’t be-thank you for filming this to include us in this life changing event; changing you and Naomi and me.

  8. April

    HA!!! I love the roller coaster analogy. And the socks. And the background music.

    And I have to add, you two make a beautiful couple. Looking forward to seeing the resulting offspring! (hmmm, way to say that in the creepiest way possble, April.)


    ^^^^AGHHH, I typed all that before the end of the video and now you have me totally freaked out! I hope your little girl is okay… how terrifying.

  9. admin

    Thanks everyone for the great comments on the First Contraction video. And now…drum roll…see what happened next. The Last Contraction video is up and running for your viewing pleasure.


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