The Last Contraction: Life Begins for Two New Parents

Picture Pregnant Wife


In the first video of the series The First Contraction, it all seemed to be going better than planned – a calm wife, a husband with chips and salsa, and a smooth transition to the hospital. That was until they heard the words that no hopeful parent wants to hear. If you did not get the chance to watch The First Contraction, see why it was viewed over 240 times in three days. Also stay tuned for two more videos in the series.

So how did it turn out? Well here it is below – The Last Contraction.

I’ve never cried before when editing my own video. I can’t say that anymore.

Picture of My Pregnant Wife


  1. April

    Oh my gosh, I’ve never been so happy to hear a screaming baby in my life!! I’m so glad she’s okay!

    • admin

      Yes the scream of a little baby has still never sounded so sweet. She starts quivering that lip and I’m done! Thanks April!

  2. Karina

    Nicely done!!!

  3. Ginger Angone, Mimi

    What a gift to me to hear her 1st cry. It’s a strong one. Thank you.

  4. Fuller

    Awesome, Goner!!! Go glad that she came out so healthy! I love the comment you make about her depending on you not being the best idea…haha! I felt the same way! Sure does make a man grow up in a very, very short period of time.

    Love you man

    • admin

      Thanks Fuller! Yes having that first baby is that slap in the face about what it really means to be an adult. When people say it changes everything, they literally mean, it changes EVERYTHING!

  5. Sarah

    Wow, that was beautiful and just made me tear up despite not knowing you guys. Your wife is beautiful and seems to have a strong spirit that I want to emulate. I feel like I won’t deserve love and a family of my own until I’ve matured in to someone with that type of strong spirit. (I’m 28 and fear this might never happen.)

    Beautiful video 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks Sarah! Yes my wife is the real deal and way tougher than me, that has been confirmed time and time again. But definitely don’t feel like you have to be matured and strong to find someone. All of us feel like we’re just playing the part most days. And nobody has it all figured out when they get married. This stuff takes a lifetime to learn…


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