Worst Date? and Comment of the Week for Worst-Job Post College

Worst Date? Chalkboard Question


And the Chalkboard Question of the Week is…

Worst Date? Chalkboard Question

And the two comments of the week for the worst job post college goes to Adam and Alissa. Congrats to both of you having really crappy jobs. Before I graduated college, I made fun of all those unfortunate twentysomethings working in lifeless, listless, and pointless jobs. Until that unfortunate twentysomething was me. Then it became a lot less funny.

Worst Job Post College Answers of the Week Pictures

Now is your chance to pay back Eharmony and that guy who called his ex in the middle of your main course…

Worst Date? Chalkboard Question


  1. Dana

    The year between college and grad school I was back in Denver and a friend swore I was a great match for her boyfriend’s roommate and she wanted to set us up. I reluctantly said yes, and planned on meeting him in Cherry Creek at a restaurant he chose. Immediately upon getting there, it was clear that he was a “regular” there and knew all the waitresses. I got a bad vibe from the beginning and knew it wasn’t going to work, but I figured for my friend’s sake and the sake of being polite, I should tough it out. When the food came, the guy actually pulled the waitress into the booth and fed her a piece of sushi. No joke. By that point I was ready to leave, but figured it was almost over. A few minutes later, he excused himself to go to the bathroom and left his phone and coat at the table (clearly indicating he was coming back). 5 minutes passed…10…15…..no sign of him…or the waitress. I finally got pissed, threw $10 down on the table and walked out. On my ride home ( a good 10 minutes later), I saw that he was calling, and I let it go to voicemail. He had the NERVE to call me nasty names for ditching him and wasting his time. Umm….yeah….it took you 25 minutes to realize I was gone?! Be grateful I even left money on the table! Last time I let my friends set me up on a blind date! Jerk!!

  2. David Brandon

    I had went out with this girl about seven or eight times and was still not sure about if she just saw me as a friend or something more and was nervous about defining the relationship. The downside to this being when I get nervous my stomach gets ugly on me. I picked her up, went to a nice Japanese restaurant The food and the conversation was apparently too much for my stomach. I was planning on hanging out with her more after the dinner but I was feeling so bad I had to hastily drop her off at her place and made it home only after a few desperate pit stops. The worst part being her answer had been she had told me she wanted to be married or just friends which still confuses me to this day, lol. But, if I follow her logic, we could all save ourselves some time and money by not worrying about dating and just go straight to marriage right? 😉

  3. Val

    Early into freshman year of college. 2nd date, he invites me to a nice Italian restaurant. Picks me up . . . with his MOM. And she remained with us throughout dinner, where she interviewed me nonstop on everything from my family’s mental health to the justifications for my religious beliefs to why I was struggling in my advanced chemistry class. I don’t think my date said a word the whole time, although he did not seem to disapprove of her assault. At least she picked up the tab.

  4. Josh Fuller

    I was a Senior in college, and had just come out of a serious relationship. My mom set me up with a girl who worked at her office. (My first mistake was saying yes to this agreement. I mean, from the get go you can see the train coming on this one…) I agreed to go out with her. Nice girl. Cute. We went to hit a bucket of golf balls, though both of us sucked at it so that was a good way to break the ice. (“How long have you played,” she asked me…. “GRAPE!” I responded.)

    We head out to dinner, and I am asking all the traditional first date questions. Tell me where you grew up, about your family, what do you like to do in your free time. After a few serious questions, I didn’t want to seem to serious, so I though I would try to be funny, and asked her if she’d ever been in jail.

    The car got awkwardly silent.

    I started laughing, and said “seriously?!?” She proceeded to tell me that, although she didn’t have to be locked up, she had helped an old boyfriend steal a cube of Pepsi from the center island of a gas station. He grabbed it, jumped in the car, and she was the getaway driver.

    Needless to say, she and I didn’t go out again after that. When the expected answer to that question is “no”, and the actual answer is “….well….”, you get turned off pretty quickly.


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