What TV Character Did You Want to Be?

Zack Morris


This week’s Chalkboard Question is…

Growing Up, what TV Character did you want to be

For me, hands down it was Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell. The dude maybe went to a total 15 classes in all of high school, had a sweet-a cell phone, could stop time, had Principal Belding wrapped around his finger like Chinese finger trap, and then the clincher of course, dated (then married in a fabulous made for TV movie) Kelly Kapowski. zack morris and sweet phoneYes THE Kellyevery single high school male in the 90’s would’ve traded their car, younger sister, and three fingers on their left hand for just one date with Kapowski. Chime in below on what TV character you most wanted to be like and see if you’re voted comment of the week.

Some amazing worst date stories that you must read from last week’s Chalkboard Question, but the absolute worst date as voted by the All Groan Up viewing public goes to Vanessa and her second date MOM tag-along. Congrats Vanessa! You win a one – hour paid subscription to Eharmony!  (Unfortunately you had to log in an hour ago to claim the prize. Sorry.)

Winner of the Worst Date

What TV Character did you wish was you Growing Up?

We all had those hours laying on the couch dreading the thought of school the next day, just wishing we could transport our real life with the life on the TV. So…

Growing Up, what TV Character did you want to be


  1. Diana

    I totally wanted to BE Kelly Kapowski. No joke. Not because you wrote that up there. I was obsessed with her.
    My new character though is Ziva David (from NCIS). An Israeli assasin turned Federal Agent? Oh hell yea.

  2. Lauren

    April from Ninja Turtles. ; )

  3. Jocelyn

    Remember that show Small Wonder w/ the girl robot named Vici?!? I thought she was beyond cool … except for having to wear the same red & white dress EVERY FREAKIN day … that’d def suck. Or that girl Evie from Out of This World where she stopped time by touching her two fingers together. Or when all else fails, every girl wanted to be Kelly Kapowski growing up 😉

  4. Jessica

    I always wanted to be a power ranger 🙂

  5. Maggie

    Winnie Cooper!

  6. Laura

    First of all, I love that Jocelyn remembers Small Wonder! I LOVED that show, but feel like barely anyone besides me watched it.

    Growing up I did love Saved by the Bell. But I think I wanted to be Stephanie from Full House. I totally related with her since we were in the same grade in school. We were obviously soul sisters. And then in middle school she got really cool clothes (looking back I cringe) and a cool friend named Gia. What more could my little heart hope for?

  7. Sarah

    I’m still growing up 😛 And I always wanted to be whoever was currently traveling with the Doctor from Doctor Who. Ah, but now I wish I was Amy Pond because Rory Williams is madly, truly in love with her. (They’re also from Doctor Who).
    I’m a little young for Saved by The Bell. I watched it, but I’m 18 now, and I was a kid when it was on.

  8. Heidi

    Topanga! that girl was smooth as butter.

    • admin

      Ha. Definitely. Named my first guinea pig Topanga in her honor. I don’t know if Danielle Fishel would be too flattered 🙂

  9. Erica

    Growing up I wanted to be Dorothy Jane Torkelson, she was incredibly smart, was nice to (almost) everyone, and had an amazing view from her bedroom. I always wanted a house with a window nook for reading. In fact, now I still do.


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