Interview With Sold Project President Rachel Goble

Posted on June 15th, 2011


Here at All Groan Up, I like to highlight 20somethings who are taking risks, pursuing their passion, making a difference and completely rocking it — and Rachel Goble of The Sold Project is doing all of the above. What started as an incredible documentary film has become a full-fledged non-profit organization hell-bent on preventing many children from having to go through the hell of child prostitution.

Rachel Carey and The Sold ProjectWatch the interview below to hear Rachel Goble’s journey to president of The Sold Project and how a twentysomething taking steps of faith through the unknown can become such a powerful act. Rachel is proof that you can live, eat, and breathe where  “your deep gladness and the world’s hunger meets ~ Fredrick Buechner.

What dream do have stirring in you right now that is just waiting for that same step of faith? The destination might not end up where you planned, but where you’re needed most. Maybe that place ends up being Thailand with the Sold Project. Watch the interview until the end to hear how.


Rachel and I met at Westmont College where we both graduated in 2005. All photos used in video courtesy of The Sold Project and Rachel Carey Photography. If you hear something growling mid-way through the interview, know it’s not me.

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