I Love Being the Underdog

Posted on May 30th, 2012


I love being the underdog.

Because no one believes.

Until you make them doubt.

They tease you.

Until they can’t believe their eyes.

They say you can’t win.

And then you do.


Be the Underdog Picture


Favorites don’t shock the world.

Or inspire.

That story is told by underdogs. Who mock odds and defy critics.

People don’t relate to the favorite. To the person who has been given the golden platter on a platter.

Underdogs fight the fight that we all fight.

Be the Underdog

Maybe you’re struggling to find a job.

Maybe you’re underemployed wondering when your bright future became so dim.

Maybe your plans aren’t going as you planned.

You can’t make a comeback if you’ve never lost.

Before Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan or Abraham Lincolon was Honest Abe, they were clawing their way through failure, doubt, and defeat. They transformed their reality and those around them because they refused to NOT BELIEVE.

Favorites might become famous.

But favorites don’t become legends.

Underdogs write the million dollar script.

I love being the underdog.

Photo Credit: John McStravick via Creative Commons

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