When you pursue your dream, doors will open — love this story

Interview with Heath and Alyssa Padgett - Paul Angone

The most courageous step towards pursuing your dream is the first one.

No step is harder, more complicated, more unknown, yet more freeing.

No one sees the whole path clearly when they take that first step. Yet, only by taking it can your dreams evolve, grow, and become reality.

I mean, what’s the craziest dream you can think of?

How about if you sold everything, bought an RV, traveled to all 50 states, worked 50 different jobs and filmed a documentary about the whole thing?

Oh, and you did this all on your honeymoon?

Sound ridiculous and amazing?

Well, it is.

That’s the incredible true story of Heath Padgett and Alyssa Padgett  — two twentysomethings who went from feeling stuck in their jobs and unsure of their next step, to taking a cross-country adventure working 50 different jobs in 50 states. And filming a documentary about it called “Hourly America.”

I had the privilege of interviewing Heath and Alyssa Padgett. Watch a short-clip of the interview below to hear their inspiring story.

Because their dream didn’t initially start that big. But as they moved forward, their dream grew and found a way.

As Heath told me in our interview together:

We were not qualified. So if anybody would’ve had an excuse to not pursue a crazy idea, it would be us…We were just young kids trying to figure out what we wanted to do, but just by putting ourselves out there, we were able to make it work.”

Watch this short clip of Heath and Alyssa’s story and be inspired, with the full interview in my Finding Your Signature Sauce online course launching in a few weeks.

Every dream starts with that first step.

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PPS – I’ve become really good friends with Heath and Alyssa Padgett over this past year, and they are the real deal. Find out more about their story at Heath Padgett, Alyssa Padgett, and Hourly America. They also have been my amazing team and collaborators in helping me build the Signature Sauce course, literally living with me for a week as we filmed all the course content! You’ll get to know Heath a lot better when you jump into the Signature Sauce program, as he and I go through a series within the course on ways to uncover and implement your Signature Sauce. Wheww…that was a long PPS!


  1. Tam Pham

    LOL at the PPS.

    Great interview with Heath & Alyssa, so glad to see you both up and rising!


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