Why I Hope We Never “Make It”

Why I Hope We Never Make It

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could just “make it?”

Like that actor who gets discovered out of obscurity and is now starring next to Morgan Freeman.

I know I do.

I want to arrive. I want to unpack my bags. Paint the walls the color I want. Tear down a few needless walls and build a huge custom desk that will never leave the room.

Yet every time I think I’ve made it, I look out the window to see a Uhaul truck waiting to take me to the next town.

Maybe you can relate.

Why I Hope We Never Make It

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Yet maybe not “making it” is a really good thing.

As much as I want to “make it”, especially on those hard days where the climb feels unending, maybe it’s an amazing gift that I don’t feel like I’ve arrived.

Because if you’ve “arrived”, why bother still exploring?

When you’ve “made it”, why put in the extra time? Why battle the hard questions? Why push yourself?

There is no need to create anything more when you think you’ve made all you can make.

“Making it” is just a mindset. As world renowned Standford psychologist and author Carol S. Dweck explains in a challenging and eye-opening book Mindset, it’s the difference between a “fixed mindset” and a “growth mindset.” Those with a fixed mindset shy away from challenges while those with a growth mindset become excited by them.

Those of us with a fixed mindset keep hoping for that destination, while those with a growth mindset can’t wait for another step on the journey.

When we take away the challenges we constantly lament, we don’t make life easier, we actually remove it.

So if right now you can’t seem to make it, maybe it’s because you’re meant for something bigger. Maybe every person who “made it” was simply stopping short.

Maybe your life was meant for more adventure.

Those who never feel like they’ve “made it”, might end up making the most.


  1. admin

    Thanks MJ!

  2. Oman

    Nice post! Guess it all goes back to the saying..life is not about the destination but about the journey. Thanks Paul!

    • admin

      Thanks Oman!

  3. Lucas

    There’s no finish line in life, no final destination. Just keep moving forward until you get wherever you’re trying to go-and then keep going!


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