What the City of Boston Teaches Us About Pursuing Our Dreams

Picture of Boston at Night

Picture of Boston at NightPicture by Nednas via Creative Commmons

As I walked around Boston for the first time last Fall, I kept asking myself one thing: Could have John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin ever imagined what they would help create? Hundreds and hundreds of years ago they could’ve never imagined the impact they would have today?

This question kept me up nights, roaming the bricked Boston streets at 1 am where I filmed my first video for All Groan Up below. All Groan Up was only my dream at that point, not a pixel of it in place. But I talk about it in the video like it’s already my reality. Boston inspired me to dream bigger and to freaking go for it. Which is the key for us all. As Benjamin Franklin wrote,

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing!

Watch the video below to see what Boston teaches us about pursuing a dream with no idea the impact that YOUR TODAY will have on the WORLD’S TOMORROW.


  1. Alexis

    Personally, I think they’d be appalled by our driving (I live in Boston, so it’s ok for me to say that).

    I love the idea that what we’re doing right now is akin to throwing a stone into a pond – you just don’t know how far the ripples are going to reach.

    • admin

      Ha! Yes the driving might scare them a little, but I’m sure they would have the utmost respect for the Boston pedestrians who show NO FEAR for those drivers (I know I did!).

      So right! We have no idea the impact we are making with those little stones


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