The Lies of the 15th Floor, aka, Why All Groan Up Exists


We’ve been told our whole lives to keep climbing the stairs. Grade school, middle school, High school, to college, to a major, to graduation — each step lined with blue ribbons, good grades, and gold medals, omens to us that we are going to rock the world once we actually enter it.

But what happens when we actually get off the stairs and start exploring the unknowns of the proverbial “15th floor”? Are we welcomed by cherub angels singing our praises while showering us with cash. Or a disgruntled mid-manager sporting a wicked comb-over who laughs in the face of our resume like it’s some sort of stand-up comedy routine?

The video below is what happens to us when we stop climbing and start exploring the 15th floor. What will we find??? Watch below to find out, and then share with us your experiences on the “15th floor”.


15th Floor Video Pic


  1. Josh

    I’ve never heard of the 15th floor, but I think I am on it right now. And – I’m not gonna lie – it’s pretty good! Although, I didn’t ever picture myself here, it’s nice and cozy. I think I approached opening doors to guys who smell like old pee (I know him…) a little differently. He may be wierd, and awkward, and not have much of a filter, but he may also provide you with a chance – and opportunity – to move ‘camp counselor’ down the list on your resume and add Office Manager above it, which could be the difference between a scary 15th floor and a fun one! Or, that guy may also have gone to high school with Ted, who owns a small start-up company that is growing like crazy, and is looking for an office/personnel manager – that could be you! the point is, whoever said a BS and a Resume earns us “the” job was lying!!! It may well earn us a job, or 3 jobs, that lead us to “the” job. Our generation is fairly well known by having 3 of “the”jobs in our lifetime, going from high school Spanish teacher to medical sales rep. It happens. Sorry for the long winded comment, but don’t be scared of the 15th floor. Open the door and see what’s inside!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Josh for sharing these great thoughts. First, I definitely want to meet your guy who smells like pee, as he sounds much more connected than mine 🙂 Second, you’re completely right that the 15th floor is what we make it and once we realize that it’s nothing like we thought it “should” be, it frees us up to discover that it’s actually much better!

  2. Joy Eggerichs

    Thank you for the bellowing laugh. I’m pretty sure all bosses do this when doors are closed. I work for my father, but I’m pretty sure he does this every time we get off the phone.

    • admin

      Yes Joy, a bellowing, slightly evil laugh is a pivotal characteristic for any dad, boss, mechanic, or flight attendant. (on second thought, hopefully never the flight attendant)

  3. Diana

    Ahhhhhahahhahahhah, I’m still laughing. I like your singing voice by the way.
    I agree with Josh up above there that it’s all about what we make of it. And with you opening up the conversation on this blog, it helps people discover new perspectives.

    • admin

      Thanks Diana! Any video I start singing like a cherub angel, whlist also referencing old men that smell like pee, has to be at least moderately entertaining.

      The “15th floor” is going to look different for everyone, but how many of us are stumbling around in the dark, refusing to ask any one for help because we were supposed to rock the 15th floor, not become lost in it.

  4. Devani Anjali Alderson

    Sounds like the 15th floor is the ‘ideal’ everyone feeds us our whole lives …

    It’s some utopian place that you can’t reach by just getting the diploma and ‘graduating’

    It’s like they forget to tell you all the hours, hard work and sweat you have to put in to actually reach the ’15th floor.’

    I’ve never heard it called that before, but I assume you mean it as a name for that wonderful ‘idealistic land’ we hear about growing up ….

    Really great post … Thanks!



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