Chalkboard Week Two Winner. Plus “What is the Top Thing They Didn’t Tell Us at College Graduation”

Top Truths College Graduation


The Chalkboard of Question of the Week is…

Top Thing They Didn't Tell us at Graduation

Respond to the question via comments below and share on Facebook by pressing the “Like Button” above. Want a little prompt to the question? Then read my Top Five Things We Should’ve Heard at College Graduation.

And the Chalkboard Comment of the Week for last week’s question “If My 20’s Were a Movie…” comes from Emily! She wrote “cinematic pinache,” encapsulated the paradox of our 20’s amazingly well, and found $20 at the end! I see a movie deal by June.

Chalkboard Comment of the Week

Can’t wait to see all the Groan Up wisdom for these college grads…

Top Truths College Graduation


  1. Lindsay

    The number one thing we should have heard… “No matter what anyone tells you, you are NOT too good for that job. (This may include making balloon animals for five years).”

    • Paul

      Lindsay! Completely agree! Just don’t read the sample chapter from my book called Top Ramen Dreamer….

  2. Joanna

    We should have heard, “College prepares you to succeed at one thing–college. Not a job, not your relationship with your boyfriend, not even graduate school. A little humility will go a long way as you soon realize that you have NOT been here before, and you might need to learn something new!”

    • admin

      Joanna – Love this advice. And I know College Senior Paul wouldn’t have listened to a second of it. Which seems to be the problem. When we need humility the most is when we’re going to listen the least

  3. Michelle

    Congratulations, you now have a college education, but don’t be alarmed if one day in the near future you find yourself working at Starbucks.

  4. Ailin

    You think graduation=freedom. Good one! You’ll actually have to work twice as hard to build the life you dreamed of having! And yes, your now an “awesome all-knowing college graduate” but don’t be surprised when you aren’t treated like the all-knowing being you think you are (you’ll realize in a few years that you were just getting started in what life is really about).


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