You do this 2,340 hours a year…


Do you know what you do about 2,340 hours a year?


You work.

Totaling about 117,000 hours over the course of your life.

When I see this large number of hours spent working, it makes me think of three important things:

1: We should enjoy our work

 2,340 hours a year is a lot! And if you don’t like your job, man, does this time feel way looooooooooooooonnnnnggggerrrr!!!!!

Like watching the solar eclipse, seeing the day slowly inch forward without quite the payoff you were hoping for at the end.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend the majority of my hours on Earth hating the majority of my hours here on Earth! 


2: We should spend less hours working

What if instead of working 2,340 hours a year, we could be just as productive in half that time.

What if we increased our productivity, worked half the time, and actually got MORE done. I know this is possible because that’s what I’m doing.

3.You can love your work and work less while doing it. 

This year, I’ve worked about 20 hours a week. I loved every hour of it. And I’ve made more money than I ever have.

You can do this too. I’m serious.

And here’s two amazing, FREE resources available right now, that can help you do it too.

  1. To find work you love, with strategies on how to make a strategic career change, check out the “The Pivot Assembly” happening today! It’s a free virtual conference with 14 of the top career change experts in the nation, and I was honored to be chosen as one of them. This conference is bursting with inspiration, information, and action items on how to make a career change and do work you love. Just click over and start getting inside information from the top career experts.

2. Take this new, free quiz from Michael Hyatt to find out how productive you really are — and how you can grow! Michael Hyatt is the King of Productivity and can help you become one too.  Take the quiz to find out how productive you are and do better work with less hours.

You work too many hours of your life to feel like it’s mostly a waste.

Love your work. Work on purpose. There’s too many hours of your life riding on this to not make it happen.

Much love,


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  1. Marifer

    Wait…you only work 20 hours a week?? That’s the dream!


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