NEW VIDEO — The worst advice ever on becoming a grown up



Have you ever worked a job that was slowly eroding you from the inside-out?

I have.

It was working at a magical place where good moods went to die.

That place? A call center.

You might have heard me talk about my call center exploits before. Even now years later, the angst and nausea that accompanied me every day to work, still feels all too real.

Wait…shoot…I just threw up a little in my mouth just thinking about it….Hold on…

And there at that call center, sitting in front of an amazing chef that should’ve been working anywhere else but there, I received the worst advice about what it means to be an adult.

And the worst part about this grown up advice — too many of us get stuck believing it.

In today’s All Groan Up video, I hike up the mountain to relive my call center days and talk about this terrible advice that way too many of us are living by. Watch it here.

Sometimes the best plans we can make is to plan to continually make new plans.

There’s too many people content living crappily ever after.

There’s too many half-dead adults for us to just quietly join the ranks.

Let’s light our grown up pants on fire and keep making this Groan Up climb together.

If you missed the opening video of this new series on All Groan Up, you can watch it here



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