How Twentysomethings Thrive in Today’s Globalized World

Review of World is Flat for Twentysomethings

Globalization might not be the sexiest of words, but fail to pay attention to it and find yourself sleeping on the couch like the day you called your spouse the name of the person you almost married.

To kick off this 20 for 20something countdown of the top books and movies that all twentysomethings need to partake, I chose what I believe is the most timely of them all –  The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman.


The days of eating from that golden spoon without even lifting our heads off the table is over. Watch this rousing and entertaining 20 for 20something video on The World is Flat and learn keys to being successful in a flat world. Plus, there’s stop-motion! What could be better?

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Paul Angone Review of World is Flat


  1. jz

    really well done. a crucial books. young people reading is a major piece to success in these times. i hope this video spurs it on….

    • admin

      Thanks JZ. Couldn’t agree with you more. Reading has become a lost art. It needs to be revived. Exactly why I’m doing this 20 for 20something countdown

  2. Betsy

    Such a cool video! I”ve always wanted to read the book, but daunted by the volume of pages. Thanks for breaking it down for us! Superb!

    • admin

      Thanks Betsy! Once you crack the cover of this one it definitely draws you in. Thomas Friedman is an excellent writer so it definitely reads more like an action-thriller than history book. (OK maybe action-thriller is an over-statement)

  3. Janet Adams

    I am a 60 something and loved this video (read the book too). I am passionate about students. I posted your video on my Facebook. 20 something zoomed by but the words you scribbled on your video board for all of us, must be embedded in our hearts and minds NOW no matter the age.

    Excited about your work!

    • admin

      Thank you Janet for the very kind words. The World is Flat definitely has enough wisdom enough for all of us doesn’t it! Thank you for sharing it with others and your passion to help students. We definitely need all we can get…

  4. David Brandon

    It’s not often enough that a book honestly shares truth while at the same time has an ability to keep the readers interest. I do think this book successfully does that and it touches on a subject of particular interest to me and that’s the globalization of the world. Personally, I find it fascinating and exciting to think of a world where I can talk to a friend in Lithuania on Facebook one moment, video chat with a relative in Brazil the next and then send a package to a missionary in China. I think we are extremely blessed to live in such a time but it opens up the huge discussion of just how the world will adapt and what we as individuals will do in return.

    • admin

      David – Great summation of The World is Flat. Just two days ago I was in bed and about to go to sleep, when I started Skyping with my web programmer – Pavel in Russia, who was making instantaneous changes on this website and asking my thoughts on them. What a freaking crazy world we live in. We’re so face-first living it, I’m not sure we really grasp it.


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