• good stuff man. each day i learn more and more about the importance of being present and fully giving myself to the people i’m interacting with.

    on my weekly sabbath, i log out of all email, twitter, and facebook so that i don’t find myself tempted to waste time with them!

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      Thanks Dan. Great advice. People that are able to be fully present in their own lives are becoming a rare commodity.

      So much is warring for our attention these days. There is a dire necessity to unplug

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    “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” Johann Wolfgang and Therese Schwenkler, author of this guest post, couldn’t have said it better. Love this reminder Therese.

    For a tip I’d add, Go on Facebook for reason. Don’t just stroll onto Facebook without a plan. If you do, soon you’ll be reviewing all 213 pictures in “Partying in Japan”

    • Hahaha… very true, great tip Paul. Too often the “plan” in random perusing…

  • I love this post. Great tips and a great reminder. Thank you!

  • This is why I deleted my Facebook page. Rather than being on “The Book of Faces,” I decided it would be better to read other books and actually see people face-to-face.:)

  • Great article! As a person who gets easily sucked into FB, I appreciate some great and concrete tips to utilize.

  • Something really shifted for me, in regards to the whole facebook experience when I started to really engage. For a while I was simply a voyeur…

    And then I asked myself “what is the contribution that I’d really like to make?” — what do I want to offer to this realm?…

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      Jessica – “what is the contribution that I’d really like to make?”

      Love the intentionality here in regards to Facebook. How far would our Facebook experience change if we were all asking the same thing?

  • Starting out this post with a true confession: I’m old. Really. The date of my birth says it all.
    I’m also a late bloomer. I got married and had my only child 5 minutes before menopause.
    Now she is nearly “groan up” and I just can’t cope with waiting to exhale for the first grand child.
    So? Your advice is spot on Ms. Theresa the Genius behind those of us who are Un-Lost.
    The first clue I had that something was terribly wrong on Facebook was when I was racing home to water plants on my virtual farm while the real ones in my yard languished.

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      “when I was racing home to water plants on my virtual farm while the real ones in my yard languished.”

      Ha! Yep. Perfect description.

    • Hahahahahaha, love this! Oh, Farmville. That is a sobering realization, isn’t it? 🙂