Stuff Christians Like Guest Post: Claiming Musicians as One of Us

Posted on April 6th, 2012


I am one step closer to dying, all dreams fulfilled.

Because today I am a guest-post on one of my all-time favorite websites Stuff Christians Like — a website that pokes at the funny things we Christians do. If you’ve lived in the Christian subculture and have not yet swam laps around Stuff Christians Like, please do.

Today I wrote about the phenomenon of Christians claiming popular musicians as Christians. Below is the intro. I will send you a warm oatmeal cookie if you head over to Stuff Christians Like, read the whole thing, and leave a comment.

Claiming Musicians as One of Us

“I heard that the lead singer’s dad was a missionary….”

“I think the bass player has “Jesus” tattooed in Hebrew on his side.“

“I’m pretty sure they were a worship band for a church somewhere in Tennessee. Or maybe it was California?”

“Yeah, man. I’m positive. The band is Christian…. “

“Oh really,” you respond. Sitting a little taller in your coffee shop chair, excitedly playing with the idea along with the rims of your thick black-rimmed glasses. “This it it,” you think to yourself, we’ve got someone on the inside, someone successful, someone who can prove that someone can be Christian and talented.

The idea produces more goose bumps than the night you sang “Amazing Grace” holding hands around the campfire.

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