Social Networking 101: Interview with Director of Social Media Relations, Kathy O’Reily

Posted on September 13th, 2011



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Today on ALL GROAN UP I have the awesome privilege of interviewing Kathy O’Reily, Director of Social Media Relations for Monster Worldwide.

Cue intro of trumpets, cascading red carpet, and a team of leaping rhythmic gymnasts — with ribbons. (Sorry, I’m just that excited).

Read below words of networking-wisdom from someone who knows just a little bit about the World of Web on:

  • How to leverage social networking for your job search.
  • What NOT to do on social networking if you want to, you know, actually network.
  • Monster’s new creation called BeKnown™ — a Facebook app with “Monster” possibilities (this is not the official BeKnown slogan, but dang if that’s not catchy. Monster, if you want to use it, well you know where to find me).
  • What a twenty-something can do RIGHT NOW to increase their chances of finding a job.

Interview with Director of Social Media Relations Kathy O’Reily


Paul: How has online social networking changed the job search?

Kathy: People have always networked to help in their job search. But social networks, and the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere in real-time really brings job search to a new level.  Social sites not only make it easier for employers to research a potential job candidate, but hiring managers will often turn to their social connections to share information about a specific job, hoping one of their social network contacts will lead to a great hire.  On the flip side, job candidates are also using social networking to check out potential employers. Companies who have robust social sites, where job seekers can get a glimpse into workplace culture and hear from other employees who love working there, tend to attract more job seekers. And job seekers who have taken the time to build out highly engaged professional career connections will also have a better chance of getting a foot in the door when the right opportunity comes along.

Paul: What is one thing you see people doing on social networking that most hurts their chances at, you know, actually networking?

Kathy: The most common mistake people make – beyond posting embarrassing videos, photos or other unprofessional information about themselves – is jumping right into social without taking the time to listen first. Building a career network doesn’t happen overnight. Professional networking shouldn’t be about connecting with someone only when you need a job.  Successful networking is about adding value to the conversation, and sharing information to help others, and allowing others to get to know you and your talents.  People who extract value or always ask for things are not networking; they’re being annoying.

Paul: What is this new “Monster” creation called BeKnown?

Kathy: BeKnown™ is a professional networking app for Facebook which Monster introduced earlier this summer.  With Facebook being the preferred and most popular social network in the world, and Monster being the worldwide leader in connecting people with job opportunities, it just made sense for Monster to introduce professional networking on Facebook.  BeKnown allows Facebook users to create a totally separate professional network right within Facebook so you don’t have to mix personal and business connections.  And since it’s from Monster, BeKnown gives you immediate access to search for jobs or post jobs, right within the app.  So whether you’re looking for a job, or you know someone who is, BeKnown makes it easy to check out a job, and then immediately see which of your 1st or 2nd degree connections work at the company so you can get on the inside track.

Paul: How does BeKnown add value in this crowded social-networking, job-searching space?

Kathy: With 750 million active users, most of us spend more time on Facebook than any other social site. But we may not think about how our personal connections could potentially lead to our next job or career move.  The biggest mistake most people make is waiting until they are out of a job to start thinking about building a career network.  Tapping into the power of your Facebook network, and adding friends who can be powerful career connections, is one way BeKnown stands out from other professional networking sites and apps.  And with 97% of the Fortune 1000 companies posting jobs on Monster, BeKnown provides access to jobs in the hottest hiring sectors including IT, technology, healthcare, sales, and more.

Paul: For that twenty-something losing hope right now of finding a job, let alone a job that is, gasp, somewhat dream-esque — what one piece of encouragement/advice can you give them?

Kathy: As mentioned earlier, but worth repeating: don’t wait until you’re out of a job, or looking for a job, to start building your career network. Follow companies and network with employees at those companies to begin to build career relationships.  BeKnown lets you see which companies your 1st and 2nd degree connections work at now.  And follow connections who currently work in your industry or field of expertise. The jobs are out there, but it is a highly competitive playing field.  Most employers hire by referrals, so let your connections know you are interested in a specific job. You never know where that one career connection could lead.


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Kathy O’Reily is the Director of Social Media Relations for Monster Worldwide, and one of the primary voices behind @MonsterWW on Twitter.

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