11 Signs You’re Becoming Like Your Parents

Picture of a kid smoking a cigarette


At age five, your hero is your mom or dad. They can do no wrong.

At age fifteen, your enemy is your mom or dad. They can do nothing right.

At age twenty-five, one morning the front door is left open and you yell, “What do we live in, a barn?”

Then it hits you. I am my mom. I am my dad.

Nothing says All Groan Up like beginning to strangely resemble your parents. Here are the top eleven signs you’re becoming like the adults who defined the word.

Picture of a kid smoking a cigarette

Picture via Philip Howard – Creative Commons


11 Signs You’re Becoming Like Your Parents


11. You see a teenage couple kissing at Starbucks and your thought progression goes something like… “Gosh, they can’t be older than fourteen. I mean what is she wearing? OH NO HE DIDN’T – Where the freak is his hand going?! If I was this girl’s parents…Do these kids even have parents? I’m going over to break up this lovefest right now…

10. Gas mileage. Two words that where as relevant to you growing up as Mikhail Gorbachev, now pervade your thoughts.

9. You now understand what your parents meant when they said you’ll understand when you get older.

8. You don’t have any kids, but find yourself thinking about all the chores you’re going to make them do once you do.


7. You begin discussions with “Can you believe kids these days?

6. The Budget. Dave Ramsey, now your greatest ally — and enemy. Growing up, threats of the “budget” trumped all trips to Disneyland and water-slides in the backyard. Now it’s back calling the shots. Bye-bye designer jeans. Hello 10% savings.

5. 10:00 p.m. is late. 11:00 p.m. is dangerous. 12:00 is insanity. 1:00 am is a fairy tale you remember experiencing in college.


4. The current state of your carpet, counters, and kitchen sink dramatically affect your day.


3. The one thing your mom or dad did growing up that bugged the Pop-Tarts out of you — you know what it is. That thing you cried into a pillow over, swearing you would never repeat.

Yeah, well, you do it.

Then deny that you did it. Then two weeks later, you do it again.

Then swear it was a fluke. Then do it again. Then you’re Googling….Therapist/Psychologist/Bar in my area…

2. You realize that cars actually have safety ratings. “How hot will I look driving this thing”, no longer trumps the buying decision (At least not entirely)

1. You have your first kid and realize what it’s like to be young, a parent, and have no freaking clue what you’re doing! And for the first time in your life, you actually begin to understand your parents.

Photo Credit: Philip Howard


  1. Megan

    …when you call your dad to celebrate the *unbelievable* 3% interest rate you landed on your new checking account – and then contemplate how it will affect your tax filings.

    …when you hear yourself turning down an invitation to go see someone’s band play because the gig is *gasp* ON A WEEKNIGHT… and besides, you’d rather not drive at night.

    …when you proclaim to your 18 year-old intern, “your work ethic is impressive, kiddo.”

    • admin

      Ha…too funny Megan.

      You’re right, driving at night is so 21.

  2. Jeff Goins

    So true about #4. I can regrettably relate.

    • admin

      Ha. Thanks Jeff. Glad I’m not alone.

  3. Jenny

    -when you have to sneak into another room to enjoy a soda, cookie, or candy bar because you don’t want to share it with your kids. Then feel like a big fat hypocrite when you get caught.

    • admin

      Ha too funny Jenny. I know that feeling far too well. Well said.

    • Sandy

      Jenny … that made me really LOL! I honestly have to hide some of my favorites in my room so they don’t get devoured the minute the items come out of the grocery bag. Oh … and the gum in my purse is not really MY gum. Apparently it belongs to everyone!

  4. Sandy

    I might add … when anticipation of the afternoon nap gets you through your morning 🙂 I can make it till 2pm. I can make it till 2 pm. I can make it till 2 pm. And the tweens in your house are so friggin’ happy your 2 hour nap turned you back into a human and not a morph of a Zombie and a bear preparing for hibernation.

    • admin

      Ha! Sandy well said. I’m beginning to learn the dire importance of the 2 pm nap.


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