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Like advice from a wiser, funnier, older brother Paul's been there, done that, and wants to save you some pain and some trouble.

– Seth Godin, New York Times bestseller and author of The Icarus Deception

10 Mistakes Twenty-Somethings Make in Their Job Search (and How to Fix Them)

Twentysomething Girls Smiling

Today we welcome Sarah Landrum, founder of Punched Clocks, to All Groan Up with this informative post. Enjoy! Searching for a job can be a nerve-wracking experience. When you have to wait weeks — or even months — for potential employers to respond to your application, it can do a number on [...]


3 things no one tells 20-somethings about business success (Business Insider)


Millennials are labeled “entitled,” “lazy,” the “Instant Gratification Generation” and “Generation Me” — just to name a few. Given how millennials are perceived — and as an older millennial myself — we need to be diligent, strategic, and consistent in proving these stereotypes [...]


9 Simple Tips to Having Really Good Conversations


Every aspect of success in your life will hinge on conversations. At the core of every connection is a conversation. And yet, many of us don’t do conversations very well. Conversations are an art form that we all too often hurriedly slap some paint on, make a mess of, and then leave for the [...]


Stuff Twentysomethings Say (and what they really mean)


Yes you might hear what's coming out of a twentysomething's mouth, but do you know what they're really saying?  Whether you're a twentysomething yourself or someone who is trying to decipher twentysomethings on a daily basis, here's the translation behind some of twentysomethings' favorite [...]


5 Shocking Statistics About the Challenges Facing the Millennial Generation (and how we overcome)


The Millennial generation is facing insane challenges unlike generations before, that most people don't fully understand. I was in New York City last week pitching over 60 media outlets about my new book All Groan Up: Searching For Self, Faith, and a Freaking Job! and telling them the story of [...]


The Secret to Doing Something BIG


Our lives are going to be big. We’ve always known it. Our generation has more options, more education, and more “potential” at our disposal than any other in the history of humankind. Yet, what happens when your dreams of making a big difference or making a lot of money fail to happen? What [...]