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Like advice from a wiser, funnier, older brother Paul's been there, done that, and wants to save you some pain and some trouble.

– Seth Godin, New York Times bestseller and author of The Icarus Deception

5 Musts to Look for in a Spouse

5 MUSTS to Look for in a Spouse

“Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they really are.” — Will Ferrell After the Slow-Internet Marriage Test is complete (throw a baby in the room and a dog with a bladder control problem to get the full picture), what else should you [...]


Top 7 Posts on All Groan Up in 2014

Top 7 Posts on All Groan Up in 2014

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." - Albert Einstein How would you describe your 2014 in one word? I'd describe mine as paradoxical. It was one of the most amazing, yet intense years of my life. Lots of change, growth, intensity, and fun! How about you? Let [...]


Should You Even Care?

The Opposite of Love is Not Hate, it's Indifference. -

Do you feel stuck? I know for many years in my twenties I did. Unsure. Unable to move forward into anything. Something was holding me back, yet I couldn’t see it. I knew it was there, but I couldn’t define what it was. My career was dry. My relationships a mess. I look back now and I can [...]


3 Things Love IS NOT

3 Things Love IS

No other word in human language has been misconstrued, mistrusted, celebrated, worshipped, and cursed more than love. We all want love, right? But do we have any clue what love really is? Love is like a mist. All-around us, yet seemingly impossible to grasp. Yet, one thing many of us know [...]


I’m Sorry…

Dream - Lamp and Sky | Inspirational Photo Print

For the first time in three years it’s been eerily quiet around here at All Groan Up. And I apologize. But I’m back! I'm better than ever with some exciting announcements! And I want to make it up to you. But first, why the prolonged silence? What happened? Well it hasn’t been one thing, [...]